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Why Carbonz?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Carbonz leads on efficacious, transparent, traceable, native carbon removals (credits). All our removals are traceable back to their native forest source and use an open-sourced methodology so the public can see how sequestration is verified. Carbonz's efficacy of credits is what sets us apart.

While it is important to avoid ‘greenwashing’, many companies are now spending a huge portion of their sustainability budget on consulting and different levels of verification, (sometimes 80-90%!). We want to see high levels of impact and a balance between making sure funds are going to a highly credible cause, and ensuring all the funds aren’t going to consultants and verification. We are the only carbon credit provider that is transparent about how much money from each credit sale goes to the landowner. 79.65% of funds for our CCU go to the project, much higher than the rest of the industry. We have 7 years to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change and need to make sure our funds are impactful.

Carbonz believes there is no such thing as a true carbon offset or a ‘right to pollute’. Businesses, investors and individuals should measure their emissions, reduce as far and fast as possible, and then they should ‘balance’ their hard-to-abate residual emissions with high-quality carbon removals (credits). These carbon removals should have the funds going as far as possible towards impact via an incentive payment to sequester carbon. This is consistent with the ultimate goal of a net zero society. In addition, where possible businesses should remove more carbon than their hard-to-abate residual emissions to be carbon positive as far s they are reasonably able to. We can not let the fear of emission reduction complacency stop us from funding carbon sequestration.

There is no time for complacency. Businesses must balance their emissions budget with high-quality carbon removals to reduce the damage that has been done from emissions. This is why we prefer the term ‘carbon removal’ over ‘carbon offset’. Accelerated action is required in this critical decade and a more pragmatic transparent approach to carbon removals is needed.

Buy highly efficacious carbon removals on our website.


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