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Connecting you to climate action

Nature-based solutions are actions to manage, protect and restore our wild places.


At Climate Action Company, we offer carbon and biodiversity credits that support carbon removal from the atmosphere, enhance biodiversity, improve water quality, and support rural communities.


It has been estimated that nature-based solutions could contribute around 20% of the climate action needed by 2050 to keep warming below 2°C.

Image by Peter Hammer

Nature-based solutions

Explore our industry-leading carbon and biodiversity credits which directly connect you to climate action and nature

Removing carbon

Enhancing biodiveristy

Our carbon credits are:

  • Exclusively from New Zealand native forests

  • Fully traceable back to the source

  • Have the highest portion of funds going to the project of any credits we know of globally

That makes our credits unique in quality and efficacy. 

We offer two types of carbon removal:

  • Native CarbonCrop Unit (CCU) which are high integrity native carbon removals from our partner CarbonCrop.

  • The Native New Zealand Unit (NZU) which are native forest credits issued under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Biodiversity credits are a traceable direct investment into biodiversity monitoring, protection, and preservation. 

We currently offer three different biodiversity credits, each for an endangered New Zealand bird, with our parter charities the Eastern Whio Link and Southern Lakes Sanctuary:


  • Kea​ in the Matukituki valley

  • Whio in the Waioeka gorge 

  • Mohua in Makarora 

New Zealand has the highest portion of threatened native species of any country on the planet. Taking action to protect these endangered species has a halo effect of regenerating our wild places. 

Image by Karl Anderson
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