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What is insetting?

Insetting is the process of recognising carbon removal inside your company's supply chain.


We work with agricultural companies or companies that own land to understand how they can account for carbon removal inside their organisational boundaries.


For example, a wool company might have native forest carbon removal happening on their farms, therefore through certification, we can reflect this in the company's carbon footprint to further elaborate their climate action.


Carbon removal insetting

Customers are increasingly demanding low carbon products with real sustainability credentials. Ensuring your brand is ahead on sustainability is a great way to attract customers and gain a competitive edge.

Beat the competition

Many studies have now shown that the majority of the workforce prefers to work for companies that are taking climate change and sustainability seriously. Particularly for early career recruitment. 

Increase staff retention

Most large companies are now reporting on their supply chain emissions. To continue to supply to large companies for example Amazon, you will need to report on your emissions data at a minimum, and in many cases be on the path to carbon zero.

Improve procurement

Governments across the globe are increasing the strength of their climate policy. For example every publicly listed (NZX) company now has to report on and reduce their emissions. 

Get ahead of legisation

Many forward-thinking banks and lending institutions are now requiring companies to map, reduce and balance their emissions to meet lending criteria. 

Meet lending requirements

The obvious one. Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time and we need every business to be cutting emissions and investing in nature.

It's the right thing to do

Insetting is a feature of our wider certification and emissions consultancy services, which serve to recognise organisations that measure and reduce their climate impact in accordance with our globally recognised standards.


Businesses that take climate action seriously, are likely to see the following benefits:

Part of our industry-leading Climate Action Certification

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