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The future of carbon removals

Buy and sell high-quality, native carbon removals that restore native forest, support kiwi farmers, and enrich biodiversity
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What makes our carbon removals (credits) unique?

They're fully traceable

Every individual carbon and biodiversity credit is backed up with ultra traceability.


You'll be able to see the exact forest your credits come from right back to each block of forest on the farm.


We help companies support local native restoration projects, so they can tell the story of native restoration on a local farm. 

All our carbon credits are from native forests

Both types of carbon credit we offer are fully native.


Native forest restoration has superior biodiversity values, improves water quality and supports our farmers and rural communities. 


All our carbon credits are exclusively from carbon recently removed from the atmosphere, we don't issue credits for avoided deforestation. 


Carbon removal types

The Native CarbonCrop Unit

The Native New Zealand Unit


CarbonCrop Units (CCUs) are high-integrity carbon removals, issued exclusively to qualifying native forests not recognised by the ETS.

They represent a tonne of CO2 equivalent, recently removed from the atmosphere and durably sequestered in regenerating native forests, with a sequestration obligation of 100 years. These credits benefit from:

  • Robust traceability

  • AI-enabled precision

  • 100% native species

  • Transparency and auditability

More information at

Our Native NZUs (New Zealand Units) are traded in the same way as other secondary marketplaces for NZUs, with two key differences: 


  • Ours are only from native (Indigenous) forests 

  • Ours are fully traceable


Owners of NZUs can sell their carbon credits via Climate Action Company, we check to make sure they are from native forests and get the coordinates for that forest. 


NZUs are verified by the methodology used by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Climate Action Company set our price based on the traceability and storytelling we provide for our NZU and the fact they are exclusively from native forests. This traceability is determined by Climate Action Company not MPI.

$50 NZD per tonne

$100 NZD per tonne

How do I buy carbon credits?

Buying Credits

Get in touch via the link above, we will find you a native restoration project close to your business. 


We will help you tell the story for your carbon credits so you can confidently communicate your restoration work to your community and stakeholders. 



Selling Credits

If you are a farm owner or landowner with a native forest restoration project please get in touch to discuss your options to receive carbon credits. 


What landowners tell us

“Native CarbonCrop Units have led to a tangible financial outcome, now all re-invested in restoration showing us that the station can generate new, conservation-related income streams alongside traditional farming."

— Landowner, Glen Dene station.

“It’s great to finally have a value on our restoration efforts on-farm for our natives and the Native CCU will enable us to progress our farm’s environmental and climate goals."

— Landowner, Grant M.

Get started

Getting started with carbon credits is easy - here's how it works:

Fill out the form, providing any helpful context, as well as questions you might have about carbon credits.

We'll present you with all the info you'll need including quantities, pricing, credit origins and more.

Once agreed, we'll complete the execution and delivery of your carbon credits




What are carbon credits?

A carbon credit is a financial instrument that represents the equivalent of one tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2).


Carbon credits are issued to projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere. 


Carbon credits can be purchased to balance the impact from carbon emissions or held as an investment. 

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