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Supporting Kiwi farmers

We have had some great conversations with Kiwi farmers since the launch of Carbonz. Native forest has been undervalued in New Zealand for a long time. Through Carbonz, landowners are financially rewarded for their restoration efforts on-farm. We are confident that the Carbonz exchange will make a real difference to the way farmers manage their land for conservation and carbon sequestration in the future.

We think this comment from landowner, Jessamine Corpe, sums up the Carbonz experience well -

“Without additional income to support our base business it is challenging to be altruistic. Understanding the economic potential of our native forest was vital when considering our future land use planning. The Native CarbonCrop units offering has given us confidence in this area. The process was quick, efficient and has led to a tangible financial outcome, demonstrating that the Station can generate new, conservation related income streams alongside traditional farming.”


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