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Food, Fibre and Agritech

3 months ago, Carbonz embarked on the FFA Supernode Challenge. The accelerator selected impactful startups that had value-add to the sustainability and competitiveness of the Aotearoa food, fibre and agritech sector. The challenge had the criteria for business solutions to be disruptive and transformative with potential for commercial success on a global scale. This was a 9 week accelerator programme developed to build Carbonz’s business capabilities and launch it to commercialisation.

The accelerator covered all aspects of the journey to commercialisation including one-on-one mentorship and refining of value propositions. The programme opened connections with the Canterbury and nationwide innovation ecosystem. These industry experts, experienced entrepreneurs and professional service providers were stimulating and could provide a fresh perspective on Carbonz. Their experience, vast network and connections to investors was invaluable.

Carbonz was fortunate to be connected with Paul Spence as its one-on-one mentor. Paul successfully co-founded technology company Ideegeo Group Limited. His knowledge and experience with start-ups and his accommodation of Carbonz’s Saturday morning Zoom calls was extremely useful. Paul guided Carbonz throughout the course of the accelerator and provided an opportunity to collaborate with other Carbon transition start-ups. You can read Paul’s blog post from this collaboration, here.

B.Linc hosted a mid-accelerator symposium for the cohort to hear from key industry players and network with the cohort. This was a collaborative event with learnings presented by inspirational new founders such as Kate from Davaar and Co (developing sustainable, NZ made, luxury woollen sweaters from the family farm), Trevor from Cetogenix (a clean technology company) and Wilbur and Edward from Buzz Club (creating mead from native New Zealand honey). These fresh and thriving businesses were inspiring and a timely reminder that young founders have the power to upset the New Zealand and global market.

The final pitch was held at the E Tipu Boma Showcase event. Carbonz came away with the Enterprise Grand Prize ($15,000). Thank you to ChristchurchNZ, KiwiNet and the Canterbury Mayoral Forum for sponsoring this accelerator.


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