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Christmas update

Dear Carbonz supporters,

2022 was the year Carbonz launched. From winning the Food and Fibre Startup up Challenge Enterprise Category to selling our first credits and now right in the thick of startup growth, 2022 has been an Epic.

We wanted to share a quick note to with our supporters to say thanks for helping us get here!

We have a couple of awesome projects in the works for 2023 that we are so excited to share shortly. Behind these projects is the sentiment we carry in all our work at Carbonz, that of a desire for real impact. Real action is needed and too often we are seeing sustainability projects get caught up in excess bureaucracy and consultation with the end result being little impact delivered. With only 7 years to halve global emissions and avoid catastrophic runaway climate change, sustainability efficacy needs to be the first thing on everyone's minds in 2023.

Merry Christmas from Carbonz

PS. Remember if you’re after a last-minute Christmas present, the one thing the planet needs more than anything is carbon removal, so send your request for a carbon removal Christmas certificate to


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