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Carbon Tracer

We have an exciting new update on the Carbonz platform. You can now see exactly where your carbon credits are located before and after you buy them.

Most carbon projects aren’t traceable. Best case, you’ll get a map with the whole area highlighted. At worst you’ll have a static Google map image with a pin. Which block do your credits come from? Is the forest even still there? How can you be sure?

Now, with the new CarbonTracer from CarbonCrop, you can find the forest your Native CCU offsets came from, and check back whenever you like. You can trace your offsets back to the exact blocks of forest they came from, and zoom in on the trees themselves with recent aerial imagery. Be confident that you’ve chosen a better offset.

Find your forest, by visiting Here’s how it works:

Facilitating full traceability of carbon credits is a large part of Carbonz ethos and we are very excited to add this feature to Carbonz

Make sure you stay tuned, as we have several exciting updates in the works.

Ngā mihi,



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