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Protecting Kea

Our Kea credits allows you to take direct action protecting our native Kea in partnership with Southern Lakes Sanctuary

Our best estimates say there is less than 3,000-7,000 Kea left.

Kea is taonga for mana whenua and is greatly impacted by introduced mammalian predators, with Stoats and feral Cats being the major threats.

National data to date has confirmed that Kea struggle to successfully fledge chicks in areas with no or minimal pest control.

Kea are extremely intelligent and are the world's only alpine parrot. 

This project will include the installation and maintenance of traps in the alpine environment, primarily targeting stoats and rats. 

Image by Karl Anderson



predators eliminated over the past year
volunteer hours last year, on top of Southern Lakes Sanctuary staff time

11+ years

working to protect Kea in the Matukituki to date

The project


$700 NZD per unit

Each credit protects 33 hectares of Kea environment:

  • Credits fund the installation of critical predator traps in alpine areas

  • Directly supports staff hours, equipment and transport

  • Added benefit to the protection of other native species in the protection area

What the credit enables

Expanding the project

The project will fund the installation of kea-proof DOC 200 traps for mustelids to catch predators on public conservation land in the alpine areas of the East and West Matukituki (Cascade Saddle area) valleys.

Trap spacing is as close to 1 trap per 100 metres as possible along transects, given difficult alpine terrain.


This credit will also help protect other alpine species, such as Rock Wren and lower alpine birds (Whio and Mohua) by providing a reinvasion buffer in the alpine.

The expansion will occur from 1 Jan-31 Dec 2024.


Project delivery

Field crew wages

Bait, lure and traps

Monitoring equipment

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