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CBAC Trading Terms

CarbonZ biodiversity action credits traded on the CarbonZ exchange are created and issued in accordance with each Methodology. 


Funds from CBAC credits are a charitable donation but each donation comes with the beneficial ownership of one trap. The trap your CBAC represents is not the trap that you are funding, rather it represents the conservation equivalence of your CBAC purchase. This enables the ownership of existing conservation outcomes with each CBAC rather than a commitment to a conservation action. 

CBAC units all have are standardised by area in hectares and explicitly describe ecosystem/ biome value and credit integrity measures.  


The CarbonZ biodiversity action credits represent a charitable donation to a conservation group that CarbonZ recognises as highly credible. 


Credits are held by CarbonZ Nominee (in the name of Carbon New Zealand Nominee Limited). Beneficial ownership of credits vest, initially, in CarbonZ. When credits are sold on the CarbonZ exchange beneficial ownership of the credit transfers to the new owner of the credit. CarbonZ maintains a registry that records beneficial ownership and changes in ownership. 


Each credit carries a calendar year to represent when that impact occurred and coordinates on the CarbonZ registry. 


Please note that you are not able to resell your CBAC, the sell function is only for project managers. 

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