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Climate Action Company

Cutting emissions, removing carbon, and rewilding the earth

Case studies

We've got a number of clients already taking action to reduce their carbon emissions and invest in carbon removal to support Kiwi farmers. 


About us

The Climate Action Company is a team of kiwis passionate about delivering results on the ground for communities and nature with a science based approach. 

Latest action


Climate Action Certification

Our net zero certificate is aligned with leading global standards and is industry-leading for emissions reduction, transparency and impact. 

Nature-based solutions

Our high-integrity NZ carbon and biodiversity credits are fully traceable and have the highest portion of funds going to action on the ground.

Tailored solutions & insetting

Our bespoke solutions and insetting programme helps recognise carbon removal in your supply chain, develop projects and much more.

What we offer

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Our partners

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Real climate action doesn't have to be complicated.
We make it simple for companies small and large.

We've helped remove +4,010 tonnes of CO₂ to date.

We provide net zero certificates, carbon credits, biodiversity credits and tailored solutions that are high integrity and impact-led. Here's what that means:

  • Rigorous methodology that aligns with global standards

  • Extreme efficiency so less funds are spent on admin, and more on action

  • Full traceability and transparency in how you take action

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